Secret Doors

A brand-new trail based around the Alice in Wonderland books. Discover the Cheshire Cat (not on a branch, but at ground level), the Mad Hatter and the Sleeping Doormouse as they are hidden along the paths.
Alice themed Doors at Lytham Hall

Arty Volunteers

secret door ladies Volunteers Lytham Hall

Here are the lovely group of volunteers, led by Linda Salter, who came up with the theme. They are also  offering to make bespoke fairy doors for your family.

In photograph are (f-l-t-r): Linda Salter, Audrey O’Connor, Christine Garritty, Pat Bullen

Fun Trail

For £2 per trail, which can be picked up in the tea room or in the estate office, you can spend an hour or more wandering through the parkland. And it will be no small relief to know, that the trail also ends in the tea room, where there will be plenty to tempt you to “eat me”. Which, we have to warn you, may make you grow bigger, as Alice found out.Alice at Lytham Hall

The trail will be up for several months, which means you don’t have to do the whole trail in one go, if little legs are getting tired along the way, you can search for the fifteen doors in stages.

Hoping to go ‘LIVE’ on Wednesday 5th April, but would contact them for confirmation (this week)

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