Recycle & Revamp

With the plethora of Home/Vintage/Sewing Bee/Interior Design programmes, articles, magazines, the fabulous Etsy, also loved that Gail O’Porter programme about renovating Vintage Clothes too. Do you feel you are missing out?

Do you lust after a beautiful cushion but think “I’m not paying that!” Or have clothes in a sewing pile, that you never ever get round to? Do you yearn to do crafts, make bunting, bed throws or patchwork?

Do you have a sewing machine? Given to you by your mum, or other family member, or bought on a whim? Where is it? In the garage? Shed? Loft or under the stairs? How long since you’ve seen it?  If it’s more than a couple of years, then it’s time to rekindle your relationship.

Sewing inspiration

There are available online tutorials ie Sewing with Silk or How to Attach Facing etc, but we are jumping a bit ahead of ourselves. If you really need to start, at the beginning is a very good place to start.

It Starts Here

A couple of Sundays ago I called in to fabulous Heima in Lytham to speak to some ladies on the “Get to know your Sewing Machine” workshop. The sessions are run in a lovely, purpose deigned space next door but one to the main shop. Designed as a workshop for many different creative workshops that Heima hold.

As it was a sunny day the door was wide open and welcoming. The sound of chatting and laughing drifted out of the door. I ventured inside. I first spoke to the brilliant tutor who is a local multi artistic lady Lynda Drummond.

The three lovely ladies, Rowan, Becci and Sarah, were finishing hand stitching their prized creations. Cushions of different materials and shapes.

Heima sewing course lytham

Jo, owner of Heima, has really captured the spirit of doing it yourself. Having something individual, that is not massed produced, that you can feel proud of. Something you can say:  I did it – I made it MYSELF.

On this workshop you can bring your own machine or one will be provided for you and in the 3 hour session you first learn to thread machine and get use to the controls, tensions and speed before moving on to your prized creation!

The ladies all agreed, they had always wanted to sew. All had machines, hidden away somewhere, but had never made a start, or if they had, it didn’t turn out and the poor sewing machine was banished! They all wanted to use their new found skills to either make more soft furnishings, or even venture into making or revamping clothes.

Get in touch with Jo and it could be the start of a beautiful (and practical and creative) relationship with YOUR machine.

Visit the Heima Face Book page HERE

Of course if you don’t live in the North West there are workshops available elsewhere. Check out Sewing Directory Here.

Let your sewing talents show

Here’s some more sewing inspiration for you…

Beautifully sewn poppy dress