Tis the season… to evaluate your life! Before you do, be realistic!

It would be very difficult to change everything in your life overnight (ok some people can, and do, but it’s not the norm).

So baby steps are needed. Not necessarily all taken on Jan 1st, as apart from everything else, you are probably tired and maybe a tad hung-over!

How to stick to your New Years Resolutions

Tip 1 – Get Organised

There is a belief that by writing objectives/missions down it gives you an edge. Also a “motivational board” to pin photos or images of your desired outcomes, not what you have/are now, what you want to achieve. Hey, anything is worth a try.

Tip 2 – Walk The Talk

Another trick is to act how you would like to be. Say, a non smoker, an enthusiastic walker, a domestic goddess….whatever it is you want to be, act like one.  It might rub off. Fake it till you make it.

Tip 3 – Stick With It

Some people have immense willpower, and good for them. But most of us haven’t, so slow and steady wins the race. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall at the edge of the track occasionally. Stay and rest just for a little while.

Tip 4 – Involve Others

Friends and family have to be on board to support you.  The more people who know about your quest, the more help and support you’ll receive.

Good luck!