upcycle = using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary

(Definition from http://www.urbandictionary.com/)

Upcycle Heima chair

“Upcycling” is literally everywhere you look these days, from the fabulous Kirsty’s Vintage Home, the Great Interior Design Challenge, articles in magazines, on the internet and blogs a plenty.

I love the definition at the top of this article, and yes, if you can take a tired object and use it, and most of all, adore it, I’m all for it.

There is a danger of overdoing shabby chic and I have been in homes where everything in sight has been, distressed, sanded, revamped, mismatched, thrown over, re-covered or re-handled. You get my drift. And if you’re at this moment looking around your room and saying OMG, I’m saying no more!
Maybe my problem with it is me, because my previous attempts have turned out more shabby than chic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, in small doses. I love the connection with the past, love the nostalgia, and love having and using something my granny had.

Done well, done selectively, it looks amazing.

So basically most of us need HELP, and that comes courtesy of Jo at the amazing Heima in Leafy Lytham.

Jo also stocks all Annie Sloan paints, waxes and brushes that are used on the day…. which is great, as so as we can just get on and do it when we return home!

The workshops are run in a new dedicated space, which has been purpose designed to hold sessions of up to 13 people and is next door but one to Heima’s original glass canopied corner plot. Very central and just one road in from our ionic windmill.

Upcycle at Heima Lytham

Get Creative… It’s Easy!

A brilliant idea for a Hen party, a group of friends, family group or work team relaxation. Currently there are 3 different workshops on offer:

The Annie Sloan Chalk Painting Workshops (3 hours)

Everything you need to create a French and Swedish country look for your furniture.  The fee includes all materials, snacks and refreshments.

Upcycle at a Heima workshop

Upcycle a Chair Workshops (3.5 hours)

Transform a chair from a dull, boring and brown to a beautiful work of art… THAT YOU DID!

Upcycled chairs at Heima Lytham

Get to know your Sewing Machine (3 hours)

A very popular workshop and the subject of another blog “Sew…a needle pulling thread

Rekindle your relationship with your sewing machine or use one provided for you. This workshop gives you the basics, the rest is up to you!


Attend a Heima sewing workshop

Jo occasionally puts on “seasonal” workshops as well, so watch out for those.

Most recently there has been a Glass Fusion workshop with local lady, Linda Drummond.

Heima glass fusion workshop


Dates for workshops fill up really quickly. Contact Jo on 07940 782506 for availability and prices – she’s lovely and is really helpful.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, visit and buy something already painted or natural.

Heima Lytham

Some great blogs for inspiration:

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