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Colour is the number one most important thing when it comes to styling…… could be wearing the perfect item for fit but it could just be the WRONG COLOUR
A majority of this we know, instinctively, there are colours that we just feel FABULOUS in, colours that people say ‘That suits you’ colours that seem to make your face glow, colours that give you confidence. But to get it right 99% of the time we need expert help.  Amy at House of Colour in her newly opened Style Studio (see below) on Park Street, Lytham, is here to help whether it be on a one to one studio consultation, wardrobe analysis, personal shopper  or giving talks to a group of people.

All this was BIG in the 80’s but has been brought slap bang up to date, and is for EVERYONE, teenagers journeying out into the world, Men who want to dress for success and ladies at a milestone birthday or a lifestyle change.

House of Colour Studio Lytham

House of Colour Studio Lytham

Add to this a fabulous (and affordable) make up range, I particularly LOVE the blushers & lipsticks, that enhance rather than mask, your natural colouring.

House of Colour Lytham make up


It really IS investing in yourself, as when you get the basics RIGHT it can save you a fortune in the long run!! Come and talk to Amy Burn – Colour Consultant & Personal Stylist

amy burn House of Colour Lytham

You can also buy gift vouchers, which would make an amazing present for someone you know!









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10 Park Street
Lytham St Annes


Tel: 07537 894036



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