Julie Jones Dementia Awareness

Dementia Awareness Ambassador

There are times in your life that you meet a person that just radiates passion about what they do. This was one of those times.

Last weekend I met up with this lovely lady, Julie Jones. A diminutive lady with a slight American twang (on some words) but with the biggest heart and positive attitude you with ever meet.

Julie’s Mission

She doesn’t want much for herself, she just has a dream for everyone in the world to become Dementia Aware. OK, so she realises that might take a while. So taking baby steps, her current mission is to bring an awareness of dementia to the community, medical and nursing premises, and the business world.

Returning from the US when her mother ill, and diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and was sadly declining. Julie was determined to be her mother’s voice about this awful disease.  She found inspiration from Norman McNamara (diagnosed with dementia at 50yrs) who launched the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance.

Norman Mcnamara

She learnt about and subsequently became a Dementia Friends Champion and a Purple Angel Ambassador. A Purple Angel is a global emblem and a symbol of hope.

Purple Angel Ambassador

Can You Donate Half An Hour Of Your Time?

Julie is visiting local businesses in Blackpool and Lytham St Annes to educate them about her dream and in the hope that they will become a Purple Angel Supporter, like Jo at Alice’s Tearooms in St Annes who were the first ever local one. It is NOT a charity, there is no money involved just half an hour of your time. If you would be happy for Julie to call on you please get in touch on 0775341528.

Just one more thing – the “scheme” is completely unfunded. Julie is hoping that a kind local business could help her out with her material, printing and stationery costs.  If you’d like to help, please give Julie a call.

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